Three Million Banners Ads for £767

Book in August and get Retargeting for FREE

A powerful double-hit advertising strategy
Run-of-network advertising provides low-cost mass coverage
Retargeting converts clickers into buyers
Highly tangible results enjoyed over a whole year

Sites you can appear on…

  • 55,000 banners
    • 55,000 Banner Ads
    • Four Banner Sizes
    • Weekly Reporting
    • 28-day Campaign Period
  • 115,000 banners
    • 115,000 Banner Ads
    • Four Banner Sizes
    • Weekly Reporting
    • 28-day Campaign Period
  • 220,000 banners
    • 220,000 Banner Ads
    • Four Banner Sizes
    • Weekly Reporting
    • 28-day Campaign Period
  • Artwork Design

    Designers will come up with an initial draft. After approval of your banner design, other formats will be created.

  • Retargeting

    If you are retargeting, we will supply you code to add to your website, allowing us to identify visitors after they leave your site.

  • Set live

    Media Buyers will be made aware of the marketing objectives, and the campaign begins. Retargeting gradually picks up pace.

  • Weekly reports

    Weekly reports will be sent to provide insight into how the campaign is running. On-going fine tuning may be required.

  • Received more responses to the last online campaign, than ever before. Thanks Mark for your help and see you again soon!

    Nathan Jennings Architectural Genie
  • The guys at Clarke and King have been great to work with. Their advertising advice was really sound with consistent results over the last four months.

    Blanca Fullerton Raleigh's
  • My advertising consultant was very expedience in getting back to me with answers to my questions whilst our campaign was at its early stages.

    Belinda Rusk Practi-Plan Mapping
  • Our advertising results were great! We sold many of our stock and it was as a result of advertising with Clarke and King. We are very happy and will definitely use your services in the coming months. Thank you.

    Emma Freeman Copeland Sports
  • We received a comfortable number of responses and are still filtering through them....Thanks Clarke and King for your great customer service.

    Cynthia Johnson J. B. Van Sciver
  • I looked over the artwork and I liked what I saw. I appreciate the time you took to advise me of the campaign results once it had ended.

    Hill-Behan Charles Morales