Meet the team

There’s no doubt about it, we’re a varied bunch. We are made up of a host of different personalities & backgrounds. Yet, in spite of our differences, the entire digital agency shares common traits and one very important goal: we’re all experienced & knowledgeable in our particular areas of expertise, and we’re committed to doing a great job for the benefit of our clients & co-workers.

Clarke & King is extremely proud of what we do. Everybody plays an important role – even the team in the background that doesn’t interact with our clients, dealing with the technical bits.

We feel it’s nice to put faces to names, so please click on the images below and get to know us a little better.

  • David Kerouac
    David Kerouac Managing Director

    David is a leader who simply put, places the customer at the heart of everything we do. He is quick to identify key opportunities which lead to productive partnerships, facilitating the long term goal of improving our clients’ experience. Currently David is accountable for the worldwide marketing activities of Anderson and Vines, operating in 38 countries across 140 locations and generating net revenues in excess of 5 million GBP.

  • Mark Jameson
    Mark Jameson Associate Director

    Mark is a direct response marketing professional with over 18 years developing ROI-focused data driven campaigns. He is also a seasoned client and agency executive with an impressive background building customer acquisition strategies. Mark has a track record of helping clients solve complex media investment and data questions with a focus on empirical methodologies to deliver short and long term improvements to key metrics.

  • Jessica Sharpe
    Jessica Sharpe Digital Marketing Specialist

    Our resident digital expert, Jess is a tireless client advocate when dealing with ad exchanges, often suggesting advertising platform changes to help address concerns of direct-response marketers. By analysing ad-copy efficacy down to an obsessive level, she actively contributes to evolve concepts that maximise conversions and presents those concepts to the right audience, spending every client pound as if it were her own.

  • Phillip Po
    Phillip Po Graphic Design Specialist

    Phillip is a Senior Graphic Designer at Anderson and Vines providing innovative ad solutions that cater to all clients’ needs. Working closely with the rest of the graphics design team and our internal communications team to produce creative and bespoke designs for print, digital, campaigns, events and websites.

  • Lauren Trundle
    Lauren Trundle Graphic Design Specialist

    A passionate and ambitious Graphic Designer, specialising in web, print and illustration. Lauren has a huge interest in travel, typography, and languages, and is consequently highly capable of producing print-ready artwork in multi-lingual versions such as Chinese, Russian and various other European languages.

  • Nicolas Humez
    Nicolas Humez Head of Data and Analytics

    David’s interdisciplinary background in scientific research methods equips him with a variety of empirical-based skills and strategies to tackle the most challenging of our clients’ marketing problems. He excels at translating technical outputs and data into actionable insight and results to drive a successful campaign.

  • Patrick Sharpe
    Patrick Sharpe Account Manager

    Patrick brings a decade of experience in digital and interactive marketing, with time spent on both the brand side as well as the agency side. He has extensive experience in website/landing page projects and an affinity for all things social media. Before joining the Anderson and Vines team in June 2015, Patrick completed his bachelor’s degree in Public Relations at the University of Manchester and has received two awards for outstanding client satisfaction.

  • Georgia Thornburn
    Georgia Thornburn Account Manager

    Georgia is a diligent and resourceful communications professional who responds effectively and pragmatically to challenges, delivering to a consistently high standard within pressured business environments.
    With wide-ranging, practical experience in both public sector and commercial communications projects, she has demonstrated initiative and flexibility, ability to identify priorities, and excellent communication skills.

  • Jodie Rice
    Jodie Rice Account Manager

    As a proactive and personable communications and account manager, Jodie has extensive experience of dealing with clients and the public in both digital and offline environments. She is hardworking, conscientious and able to take full responsibility for a campaign. With a flexible and adaptable approach to work, Jodie is efficient at devising improvements for multiple key metrics and passionate about providing exceptional marketing solutions.